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If the key decision makers, executives, and critical employees were to make a list of the most important components of your company’s success, what would they write down? In most cases, aspects like human capital, specific employees, intangibles like patents and licenses, and core activities would find their way to the top of the list… read more →

HIG New WordPress Website and Logo

We recently had the privilege of building a website for a company celebrating 100 years in business.  Hawaiian Insurance and Guarantee Company, Limited, also known as HIG, is one of Hawaii’s oldest insurance businesses. They provide home, automobile and business insurance through their many agents located all over Hawaii. Website and Logo Update When HIG came to us.. read more →

A web design oasis for your business

The other day Matt and I spent some time at The Village at Meridian.  It is near our house, and we love going there.  Spending time there always feels like a little vacation.  There is just something special about that place.  As we sat in a comfortable seat enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, the.. read more →

16 Jun 2014
June 16, 2014

Should I Build My Own Website?

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I saw an advertisement today for a build-your-own website company, and it got me thinking.  Business owners hire professionals to assist with so many important tasks, so why would a website be any different?  What makes websites something they should do themselves?  Let me share the couple of thoughts that went through my head this morning.. read more →

WordPress Web Desing and Logo Packages

We are so excited about our newest product that just launched this week – Website Packages.  We think you are going to love them.  We have taken a professional WordPress website, bundled it with everything you need to get started, and given it to you at an amazing price.  With these new packages you can expect to.. read more →