Web Design Pricing and Process

Our Web Design Pricing

Website Design InvestmentBusiness owners need to think of their website as an investment instead of an expense. A professionally built website with the right features will provide a great ROI and will pay for itself many times over. When choosing a website vendor you must keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools so quality should always take priority over price.

Many website vendors charge entirely by the hour. The problem with this method is that you have no idea what your website will cost until after the work is completed. Most people find that their actual bill with this model is MUCH higher than the initial quote they received. As a business owner we would not be comfortable buying a website with this pricing model. We have chosen to price our websites using flat rates instead. This allows us to give accurate bids so you know EXACTLY what your website will cost before we start.

Our custom websites start at $1,999 and are built using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). You can completely customize your website to include the exact features you need since we sell all functionality a-la-cart. We charge a flat set-up fee that covers installing and configuring the CMS. We then have standard fees for each page of content and each piece of functionality you would like added. We would be happy to get you a free no obligation quote and discuss these fees in more detail with you.

Our process

Our work flow process is designed to streamline efficiency while ensuring that we thoroughly understand the requirements and preferences of each client. The end result of this approach is that your finished product exactly meets your needs, budget and expectations.

Becoming a Client:

Needs Assessment, Quote, Contract
We learn about your organization, target audience and technology needs in order to provide a thorough estimate that adheres to your budget. This way you know all of your costs up front. When you are ready to become a client we go through our contract thoroughly so there are no surprises and you know what to expect.


Project Documentation
We provide documentation including project scope details as well as a list of all of the content items we will need from you.

Theme Selection
We select several themes for you to choose from based on preferences that you provide us in a discovery worksheet. We then work with you to find the one that is just the right fit for your company.

Content Gathering
You compile all of the content including text and images that you would like on your website and provide them to us using Dropbox.


Website Development
We build the website including installing and configuring the CMS, adding all content and images, configuring all functionality, and doing all the design and layout work.

Alpha Testing
We test all functionality to ensure everything is functioning properly. We conduct cross-browser compatibility testing to verify that the website is rendering properly on all the major browsers. Finally we perform cross-device compatibility testing to make sure the site looks great and works properly on every type of Internet-enabled device, including a traditional computer, smartphone and tablet.

Beta Testing
We present the prototype to you for  review. At this point we work together to make sure the design and layout is the way you want it and make minor adjustments if needed.

We live publish the website to your domain.

After Project Completion:

Ongoing Support & Maintenance
We are available to provide training, support services, content updates, website upgrades, web hosting services and system maintenance as needed.