Boise Idaho website design featuring WordPress

Oasis Interactive is a Boise Idaho website design company that specializes in WordPress. For those of you who do not know what WordPress is let me explain. WordPress is what they call a content management system (CMS). In the dark ages of the internet websites were coded by hand. If you did not know how to write code then you were dependent on your web developer for everything. Many business owners did not like being powerless over their websites. Updates could take weeks and the bills were high. Then came a brilliant invention, the CMS. With this new technology business owners could finally update their own content without having a middle man.

Over time many different CMS have emerged. Some were hard to use, some were a flash in the pan, but some stood out among their peers. These became the big 3: Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. These three platforms have the most users and have stood the test of time while continue to improve with age.

WordPress has by far emerged as the clear winner in our eyes. At Oasis our website design was originally done using Joomla for our Boise Idaho clients. While it is a wonderful and sophisticated platform, the feedback from our clients was that it was not very intuitive for them to use. As website design specialists we had no trouble using it, but we wanted a platform that would also empower our Boise Idaho clients to update their websites with ease. WordPress was the obvious choice. Since WordPress started as a blogging system instead of a website design tool it was created with ease of use in mind. As it grew in popularity it expanded from blogging into a fully functional website design system with all of the bells and whistles you would expect in a great CMS. In fact over 54 million websites are powered by WordPress.

It has been a great transition to WordPress. We have found that it meets all of our website design needs and not just our Boise Idaho clients but those we have helped all over the US have loved this powerful product.