Boise Web Design – Custom Websites On Time & On Budget

There are a lot of web design companies to choose from so why choose Oasis Interactive?  I believe there are many reasons, however today I am going to focus on just four: custom websites, made locally, delivered on time, and billed within budget.

1. Custom Web Design

At Oasis we design a website just for you.  We spend time before giving you a quote getting to know your company and your needs.  We craft a custom solution that best fits what you are trying to accomplish to give you the best return on your money.  We are not just a web design company.  We become your partner and marketing expert.  No two websites we build are ever the same.  Your website will match your corporate identity and brand, and it will tell your customers who you are.  Our websites focus on usability to ensure a great customer experience.  It will also be an effective tool to save you time, provide solutions for your customers, and increase sales.

2. Local Web Design in Boise, ID

Our office is located in Boise, ID and all of our websites are built in-house. When you hire us you will be working directly with the person building your website.  Unlike many web design companies, with Oasis there is no middle man and we do not outsource our web design over seas. You are always welcome to set up an appointment and sit down with us in our office and do business face-to-face.

3. On Time Website Delivery

Once we have a signed contract we get started on your project right away.  We walk you through the time line so you know what to expect at each stage.  Our process consists of content gathering, website design, beta testing, and live publishing.  You will have dates up front for all of these phases. Once we have the necessary content a typical website build takes 21 days.

4. Web Design Within Your Budget

Most web designers charge by the hour and give you a vague estimate of the expected project cost.  When the project is finished your final bill usually ends up much higher than the original quote.  We don’t like surprise bills and didn’t think our clients would either, so we do things a little differently.  We charge flat rates for most of our web design.  This allows us to give quotes instead of estimates.

When preparing these web design quotes we will help you balance your needs with your available budget. We know that sometimes the features you want and your budget don’t sync. If that happens we are happy to help you prioritize the desired functionality to put together a website that will bring you the biggest return on your investment. We can also put together a phased approach to help you develop the website of your dreams a little bit at a time. Currently we are able to help clients with webdesign budgets starting at $3,000.

Get Started Today!

If you are in the market for a professionally designed website, we would love to talk with you. Give us a call today at (208) 939-0493 or request a free no obligation web design quote.