Idaho Website Design

If you are looking for an Idaho Website Design company, then you have come to the right place.  Oasis Interactive is located in Boise, Idaho and we have been building websites locally for over 17 years.  These years of experience have given us the expertise to create exactly what you need for your Boise business.

Advantages of local Idaho website design

Unlike many website design companies we believe in keeping the production of your website in house not oversees.  This means that you can talk to or meet with the person designing your website anytime you need.  After your website has been produced and handed over, we are still just a phone call away for support.  When you use Oasis Interactive you are supporting a local Boise business and contributing to the economy of Idaho.

What sets our website design service apart

At Oasis Interactive we offer fixed quotes based on a scope of work.  This means you know what your website will cost upfront.  The standard practice for Idaho website design companies is to charge by the hour.  This means the “estimate” they give you is just that, an “estimate”.  You are in essence writing them a blank check and filling it in when they get done.  This is not something we would be comfortable with as a client which is why it is not how we operate as a vendor.  Our flat rates and a-la-cart pricing allow you to get the website you want within the budget you can afford.

You can also count on our award wining integrity.  We still believe that the customer is king.  We do everything we can to make sure that you as the customer are happy.  We want you to love your website, but more than that we want you to be happy with the entire website design experience.  To accomplish this we make ourselves available to you and return your calls and emails promptly.  We place great emphasis on communication at every step of the process.  We explain everything upfront and use clearly defined processes so there are no surprises.  At the end of the day, we keep working until you are satisfied.  Our emphasis on integrity in everything we do was even noticed by the Idaho Better Business Bureau which is why our website design company had the privilege of receiving the BBB Integrity Counts Award.

Give us a call today to learn how we can help your Idaho business get started on your ideal website design project.