I’m out of state. Why should I hire a Boise web design company?

We often get asked the question, “I am in another state. Will this impact our doing business together?”  While you may not get to stop by our office and enjoy the downtown Boise scenery, as an out of state customer you can expect the same level of excellent service that we provide to all of our clients in Idaho.  In our 11 years of business we have worked successfully with clients both locally as well as all over the United States.  We currently have website clients in Alaska, Hawaii, California, and Oklahoma just to name a few.  Check out one of our Alaska Web Design customers.

The advantage of hiring a Boise Web Designer

The main advantage of hiring an out of state web designer is cost.  Our prices are based on the economy of Boise, ID.  While some marketing agencies raise their prices for out of state customers, we price our web site services the same no matter what state you live in.  Due to the lower costs of operating a business here, we are able to keep our prices affordable for most.  Many businesses find our prices are less than having that same website built locally.  For example we have built websites for clients in California who have said our websites cost about half of what they were expecting to pay for local web design.

How does the web design process work long distance?

The type of service we provide is very conducive to a great long distance working relationship.  Most of our local clients never have a need to step foot in our office.  All meetings and collaboration can be done via the phone, Skype, Face time or email. Additionally we use a great tool called Dropbox which allows file sharing for collaborating on website content.  During the Beta testing phase your prototype website will be live on the internet, and you will be provided with the url allowing you to view it from any computer and suggest changes.

Would like a quote on our web design pricing? Please give us a call at (208) 939-0493.

About the Author

Jade Stanley

At this stage in life I find myself wearing three main hats. I am a wife, a mother, and a business owner. I have the privilege of co-owning Oasis Interactive, a Boise web design company, with my wonderful husband Matt. My mornings consist of play dates, while my afternoons consist of helping manage the business and web design. I enjoy all of my roles immensely.