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Website Redesign Before and After:

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Left: Treasure Valley Midwives previous website design; Right: Oasis Interactive website makeover

Website Image Gallery:

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Website Project:

Treasure Valley Midwives (TVM) is a practice in Boise, ID that came to us for a website makeover. Their previous site had outdated content, lacked professionalism, and did not work properly on tablets and mobile devices. We built them a beautiful new WordPress website that had a compelling design, great display capabilities on all screen sizes, and additional functionality to better serve their marketing needs. We were hired to completely re-brand the company, and the redesigned site complemented the new logo very effectively. Additionally TVM staff benefited greatly from the new WordPress CMS which allowed them to easily manage their own content.

Website Features:

The website was built to generate sales, provide a valuable list of community resources for expectant mothers, improve customer service, and streamline business operations. To meet these goals their new website included an animated slideshow, social media integration and sharing features, a photo gallery, client reviews, a search module, online bill pay widget, and contact form. Address and contact information as well as clear calls-to-action were placed prominently on every page of the site to increase conversion and visitor engagement.

Visit the Treasure Valley Midwives website. (Be Advised: Clients have access to update their own websites. Current websites might not accurately represent the website we originally provided them.)

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