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WordPress is the most popular website platform in existence due to its ease of use, blogging capabilities, and SEO friendliness. Many people are making the switch and having their websites recreated in this amazing Content Management System (CMS). We have helped many of them make this change and would love to help you as well.

Why switch to WordPress


  • EASY TO USE: WordPress makes it easier for clients to update their content than any other platform we have worked with. Anyone can be taught to make changes to their content. They can also easily use their website functionality such as e-newsletters, blogs and photo galleries to keep content fresh.
  • GREAT AT SEO: WordPress was programmed to be SEO-friendly out of the box. Those who invest in an SEO campaign see better and quicker results when using WordPress as compared to other platforms.
  • ACTIVELY MAINTAINED: The team of programmers behind WordPress is constantly maintaining and upgrading the software. They have also built in easy tools for updating your website when new patches are released. When websites are not updated they become prone to exploitation by hackers. We have seen many sites destroyed by hackers because the code they were using was obsolete. We have developed a monthly WordPress maintenance plan to help prevent those kinds of problems.

Our WordPress Story

We used to build all of our websites in Joomla which is another popular CMS. While Joomla is a great system, we discovered that many of our clients preferred using WordPress. The more familiar we became with it the more we discovered why. We came to believe in WordPress so strongly that we even converted our own website from Joomla to WordPress and now support and build with it exclusively.

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WordPress Website Conversion Reviews

If you are just learning about Oasis and considering using our WordPress website services we would love for you to read what our customers have to say.  Visit our reviews page to see all of our reviews.
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